Konkol Navi Scaled
Credit: BLAST Premier/Michal Konkol

Na’Vi secure CIS grand final at BLAST World Finals

Na’Vi has beaten Vitality in the consolidation final of BLAST World Finals, giving us a CIS vs. CIS grand final as they meet Gambit later today.

S1mple and the boys had to set the record straight on the opening map, Nuke. In the Fall Finals, Vitality had broken their 20-map winning streak on the Cedar Creek nuclear power plant last time they met.

Vitality started strong, but Na’Vi managed to overcome the early setbacks relatively quickly. Once they moved to the CT-side, they suffocated the French offense, as electronic caused havoc outside. They closed out the map with a 16-12 scoreline.

Moving onto Dust II, Na’Vi continued to plow through Vitality. They took an 8-0 lead before the French could answer and nurtured their economy throughout the half. A 10-5 lead at halftime looked more competitive than it really was.

Na’Vi wanted it over with as quick as possible, and so they did. An unbeaten record on the T-side, even though it was a very short T-side, gave them a 16-5 map and series win

Natus Vincere will now face off against their regional rivals in Gambit in the Grand Final at BLAST Fall Finals.

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