NaVi move into the BLAST final for Gambit rematch

An extraordinary 1v4 from s1mple dragged NaVi over the line after G2 clawed their way back into the game.

NaVi choked a little bit on map two to allow G2 to stay alive and take Dust 2, with nexa leading by example - but he fell off on map three as NaVi snuck the W.

A grudge match

Thanks to s1mple, NaVi now have a chance to take down their brethren; the same brethren who pushed them down to the lower bracket in the first place.

sh1ro vs s1mple. Ax1le vs electronic. b1t vs HObbit. 

We can't wait, personally. For the like, 30 minutes until that game starts, at least.