Credit: Photo: ESL

Na’Vi book play-off spot over Vitality, BIG oust Liquid

Natus Vincere has secured a spot in the play-offs of IEM Cologne. S1mple and his mates managed to beat VItality in 2-1.

In a clash between arguably the two best AWPers at this time in s1mple and zywOo, Vitality kicked off the series with a strong Offense on Overpass. While zywOo had a strong showing, s1mple needed extra time to warm up. It was rookie B1T who kept Na’Vi in the game, finishing the map with 35 frags to his name.

But the deadly duo of zywOo and shox pulled Vitality through, ending the map with a close 16-14 scoreline.

If Vitality’s T-side on Overpass was strong then Na’Vi’s T-side on Nuke was from a different dimension. The Russian squad won no less than 13 rounds on offense, effectively deciding a winner after only the first half. Vitality tried, but the comeback was impossible.

Na’vi had hit their top form, and Vitality were unable to recover from the blowout on Nuke. Mirage looked relatively competitive, but Na’Vi were seemed to be in control from the start. A simple 16-10 victory for the Russians was the result.

BIG continue tournament run at cost of Team Liquid

Last night, Team Liquid showed us one of the best maps of the year in their against mousesports on Inferno. But after a short night’s sleep, the team was not ready to push BIG to the limit. While all of BIG’s player had a strong performance across the series, both fallen and stewie2K fell a bit silent for Team Liquid.

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