Credit: ESL

Na’Vi beat Vitality to secure Gambit matchup in semifinal at PGL Stockholm

Na’Vi has claimed a spot in the semifinal of PGL Stockholm. The undisputed favorites to win the event dispatched one of their biggest rivals, Vitality, in two maps.

The best player in the world up against the player who denied him ht e title for the past two years. ZywOo said going into the event that there is no rivalry between the players, but s1mple has come to Stockholm to reclaim his spot at the top of the world.

Vitality made it a close affair in the first half of Dust II, their map pick. But once they moved to the defense, the difference in class between the teams started showing. Na’Vi played on another level and the French never managed to step up to the task. 16-11.

Na’Vi had been undefeated on Nuke since May coming into the second map. Vitality aren’t slouches on the map themselves, but they were up against the odds.

The French managed to push Na’Vi to their limits, and at times looked set to steal the map away. But when push came to shove, the efforts weren’t enough. The map was especially disappointing for rookie kyojin, who only managed 6 kills.

A highly entertaining 16-13 later, and Na’Vi had locked in a spot in the semifinal against fellow CIS squad Gambit.

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