Credit: Riot Games

No escape

Nasty Fiddlesticks & Kayn combo discovered in Ultimate Spellbook

The special League of Legends game mode Ultimate Spellbook gives the opportunity to discover new and broken ultimate combos, Fiddlesticks and Kayn’s ultimate being one of them. 

In a trending clip, a player showcased how nasty Fiddlesticks can be in Ultimate Spellbook if hooked up with Kayn’s Umbral Trespass ultimate. The combo enables Fiddlesticks to cast Crowstorm, followed up by using Umbral Trespass to stick to a target while the Crowstorm duration is active. 

We know how ridiculous that sounds, but it’s real. With this combo, the targeted enemy won’t have any way to escape the Crowstorm. Which we all know means instant death. In a rare case where Crowstorm isn’t enough, the Umbral Trespass damage should seal the deal. 

Pick Fiddlesticks and hope for the Kayn ult in Ultimate Spellbook

You would need some luck to get this combo in Ultimate Spellbook. There is no guarantee that Kayn will be one of the available ultimates when loading up as Fiddlesticks.

With that said, it seems worth the risk as this combo will draw opponents straight to hell and wish they never even queued up. If you aren’t lucky enough to get the ult, then Fiddlesticks will also be able to do other combos. 

Imagine a Fiddlesticks with dashes from Ahri’s Spirit Rush, or what about Yone’s Fate Sealed? The combos in Ultimate Spellbook are endless. All you need to do is discover them.