Credit: PGL

Cloud9 have won IEM Dallas with an emphatic 3-0 victory against ENCE.  

The victory marks a return to form for the newly-acquired team. The rising stars had been FaZe Clan’s punching bag since LAN events had become the norm again. 

ENCE started the final brightly, with a 10-5 CT half on their first map pick of Mirage. Cloud9 weren’t happy with this though, as they showed their quarter final, FaZe killing defence with an 11-2 CT half of their own. 

Overpass started much the same, with the CIS squad continuing their dominance this time on the T-side as they romped to a 10-5 lead. ENCE looked to mount a comeback of their own, but Cloud9 regained control and earned themselves a 16-11 win.

ENCE started as brightly as possible on Ancient’s T-side, but Dmitriy “sh1ro” Sokolov and Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov knocked them down for the clean sweep 16-3.

  • Mirage: 16-12
  • Overpass: 16-11
  • Ancient: 16-3

This marks Cloud9s first win as an organisation since the iconic ELEAGUE Major 2018, with just their second event since the fall of Henry “henryG” Greer’s Colossus. They certainly captured the hearts of their adopted home crowd too. 

The organisation seems too haunt FaZe too, as it also means their Intel Grand Slam win will be much harder to claim.

Both teams will be seen on LAN again in the IEM Cologne 2018 play-in. Should both teams qualify for the main event, interests will be piqued to see if both can push on and achieve similar things on Counter-Strike’s most legendary stage.

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