NA-East FNCS Grand Royale final results

It's been a tough few months for the "Bugha is washed" crowd. He and Mero are now back-to-back FNCS champions, winning the NA-East Season 8 FNCS and the Grand Royale.

The double points played a significant role in the placements, as Bugha and team got their only win in the second day. The leaders of day one, Zlem, Tkay, and Chukky, also had a rough second session and fell all the way to 12th.

Deyy, Mero's former partner, was the runner-up with Jamper and Tragix. From there, third and sixth were separated by only seven points..

Epic Games

So, what about the players who were left behind? Duke's former teammates, Userz and Justice, teamed up with skqttles and fnished 11th. Muz finished well behind them at 20th.

Bugha and Mero look to be the core of their trio, and next season's FNCS is said to be duos. If these two stick together, we could have a three-peat on our hands.