NA-East FNCS Grand Royale day 1 results

Day 1 of the NA-East Grand Royale is now in the books, with the trio of Zlem, Tkay, and Chukky sitting well in first place with 217 points. Slackes, Acorn, and Jahq are more than 60 points behind them in second.

Zlem and company were able to pad their lead with a massive 16-elim win in the sixth and final game of the day.

Bugha and Mero teamed up for the first time in the last FNCS, winning it alongside OCE transplant, Muz. This time, they poached former champion Duke to see if they could repeat. They currently sit in third place with 144 points. 


The top ten is relatively close to one another, but Tkay, Zlem, and Chukky are the clear favorites.

Of course, day 2 points are doubled so it’s still anyone’s game. Consistency going into day 2 will be the biggest factor in who wins the Grand Royale.