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N0tail talks business in Monkey Business Podcast

Two-time The International (TI) Champion, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, recently shared his thoughts about returning to competitive Dota 2.

The charismatic founder of OG featured in OG’s Monkey Business podcast #26 and gave an update on his current status.

N0tail said that he doesn’t yet have the hunger to compete again on the pro level.

He isn’t going to return to competitive Dota 2 anytime soon.

N0tail said that he is content watching OG’s new-gen players compete and make considerable progress.

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N0tail also said that he is happy mentoring the new OG squad in their quest to conquer The International (TI) trophy once again.

Additionally, he has also taken to content creation and seems to enjoy doing so.

N0tail says that it would take a ‘bad weather’ to force him back to competing again.

I feel reinvigorated in many senses but not really interested in competing yet. Competitive hunger isn’t there. I went to water the plants, I haven’t thought about Dota all day. It’s pretty chill.”


Watering the plants, chilling in the pool, creating content, mentoring the new squad, and not thinking about Dota 2 — life’s pretty swell for the TI champion.

OG’s Monkey Business Podcast hosted by JMR Luna, CEO of OG.

N0tail last competed during The International 10 where OG finished in 7th/8th place — a respectable placement for any team.

But not for OG.

Soon after, the entire roster was dissolved and a fresh attempt was made to rebuild a new squad.

It has been seven months since N0tail last played in a competitive environment and currently has no intention to return.

He has achieved more than everything a Dota 2 player could ever wish for and has nothing left to prove, cementing himself as the greatest of all time.

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