Credit: Player First Games

Big delay

MultiVersus Season 1 ft. Rick and Morty delayed

  • MultiVersus Season 1 was set to launch this upcoming week with Rick and Morty headlining the new season.
  • Player First Games has announced that the season has been delayed indefinitely.

MultiVersus has made quite a splash in the gaming scene since its launch. Usually, Smash Brothers-esque experiences don’t make too much noise, but WB Games managed to put out a title that is accessible for everyone.

Obviously, as a free-to-play title, monetization has been an issue – but close your wallets and enjoy the experience. Ultra Instinct Shaggy isn’t going to win battles by himself.

Player First Games

As mentioned the game is currently free-to-play in an open beta format. Given the nature of this release, the team behind the game is able to pump out content and support the title as they see fit.

Developer Player First Games was on top of the launch hype with the announcement of Season 1. Set to bring Morty from Rick and Morty on August 9, things were looking up for the brawler.

That is until Player First Games announced a delay for the characters and season.

MultiVersus Season 1 delayed until a later date

The announcement of the delay comes from the official Twitter account of the free-to-play brawler.

There’s no context as to why the season launch was delayed aside from the note regarding content. The team has been very vocal in regards to addressing issues such as character balance and increasing player satisfaction.

Presumably, the delay is tied into the latter sentiment. With leaks running rampant of potential characters, content shouldn’t be an issue for some time.

On a positive note, MultiVersus is making its professional debut at the fighting game tournament EVO 2022.

Really cool to see while fans of the fighter await news on the game’s first season.