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MSI Preview: Tall order for ORDER as they carry Oceanic hopes in Group C 

The LCO (formerly OPL) was an international afterthought, even among minor regions, but that dramatically changed in 2021 when reached the Mid-Season Invitational Rumble stage. In a three-team group, they bested the Unicorns of Love to advance, then—as if proving that it was not a fluke—beat North America’s Cloud9 in the Rumble stage. 

History seems to be repeating itself in 2022 as ORDER is in a group consisting of three teams—themselves alongside G2 Esports and Evil Geniuses. However, this time, the LCO’s representatives could eliminate the LCS’s before the Rumble stage. 

Disclaimer: we would like to thank shoutcaster Zack “Rusty” Pye for his contributions to the article. 

Source: Leagupedia

How they got here 

As a mid-table regular season team, ORDER did not have the same weight of expectations placed upon them as first-place Chiefs had. However, the team was rounding into shape as its rebuilding effort (with BioPanther, Kisee and Corporal’s inclusion on Jan. 2022) was taking shape.

So, when they started in the playoff lower bracket, ORDER turned into the LCO’s G2 Esports. They destroyed their opponents in the bo5s leading to the final, with 3-0s over PEACE and to boot. There, their jungle-focused playstyle, constant grouping around the mid lane, and teamfighting were devastating. 

The final against Chiefs was more competitive as it went to five games, but their anime protagonist vibes could not be denied: they lifted the LCO trophy. 

Player(s) to watch: jungler Shane “Kevy” Allen 

Meet Kevy, the Australian Selfmade—sort of. Beyond receiving a bulk of resources to enable ORDER’s NARAM playstyle, Kevy’s Evelynn is also feared (60% ban rate against him).

Individually, Kevy had a great run in the playoffs and, as he showed, he can carry hard. The team understands its strength in the jungle and tries to facilitate his play by easing his map movement, and by creating the much-needed space for him to farm and carry. 

From there, they can translate that lead into a bot lane difference, then into teamfights stemming from mid lane pressure. 

Jaxon’s Predictions: Group stage 

As they are unlikely
to match G2 Esports or Evil Geniuses, ORDER will most likely be out in the Group stage. Sorry, LCO fans, but there does not seem to be any timeline, not even 1 out of 14,000,605 realities.

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