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MSI Preview: Brazilian lower-bracket enjoyers RED Canids will bring the heat at MSI

RED Canids are returning to the international stage with very few changes: the team that attended Worlds 2021 remained the same and, judging by the results, we can say that it was #worth. 

Despite lacking international success, RED Canids brought some exciting gameplay back then. This time around, the players have better chemistry, leading to an interesting potential dark horse storyline. 

This is not RED Canids’ first go at MSI: back in 2017, they had a decent Play-in stage, finishing with a 4-2 record. Although RED Canids finished second in their group, they couldn’t make it to the next stage due to the format difference back then. 

Following that attendance, the team had a four-year performance draught, but they have reemerged as a dominant force in the CBLoL since the 2021 season. As such, they have rightfully earned their second international appearance in a row. 

Source: Leagupedia

Path to MSI 

RED Canids are the Brazilian G2 Esports: the story is similar, and the lower-bracket journey makes it even more intriguing.

Despite finishing third overall during the regular split, the team had a disappointing start to the playoffs as they lost 0-3 to KaBuM! e-Sports in the first round. Little did we know that the party would begin after this. 

This loss must have activated some hidden powers as RED Canids won four bo5’s in a row to become back-to-back CBLOL Champions. Even sweeter: RED Canids took their revenge against KaBuM! e-Sports in the semifinals. 

The story seems familiar. Right, G2 fans? All the “beating the team that sent you to the lower bracket in the semifinals” and whatnot. 

Player to watch: jungler Gabriel Vinicius “Aegis” Saes de Lemos 

The jungle position is often looked at as the most important role in the game, and in RED Canids’ case, this only proves right. Once again, another similarity with G2 Esports.

Aegis has consistently performed and has been the difference maker for RED. His aggression and map awareness stand out as one of his best qualities, making him the best jungler in the league. 

RED Canids like to play scaling, and playing as a unit plays a huge role in their games. Aegis likes to support his solo laners, especially in the early stages of the game. 

Beyond his tendency to gank early, he is also a team fight initiator, which plays a big part in RED’s CBLoL success. 

Jaxon’s prediction: Group stage

Unfortunately for CBLoL fans, RED Canids have been drawn into a tough group with returning MSI champions Royal Never Give Up, PCS representatives PSG Talon, and intriguing TCL squad Istanbul Wildcats.

In all likeliness, the team will leave the competition early in the Group stage. However, we expect RED Canids to give a tough time to some of the teams, and to potentially surprise us with some upset victories.

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