MSI needs a massive rehaul, from top to bottom

It’s absolutely embarrassing that one of the two international tournaments we get all year is this sh*tshow.

BO1s for the majority of the tournament, crap timezones for the West, playing on 35 ping for some reason, and most of it is taken up by the LCK/LPL representatives banging out terrible teams.

What a waste of time.

Adjust your sleeping schedule for four BO1s between NA and EU!

We get an insultingly low amount of BO5s as it is, but we bring everyone to the same place for a month to play almost exclusively BO1s and then go home.

I honestly don’t care at this point how you make the format work, just let me see G2 play EG, T1 and RNG in a BO5 at some point. Double elimination would be a step in the right direction, but it’s still not enough.

If you’re only going to invite the top team from each tournament, they at least all have to play each other in a BO5. Just somehow have the top teams in the world play each other. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Hmm yes double elimination for sure does not make things more exciting.

I absolutely cannot be bothered to wake up at 9am, ruin my beauty sleep, watch wildcard regions play against T1 and get absolutely slapped and feel awful.

It’s almost worth it to watch EU vs NA, which is the one redeeming factor of this year’s MSI; but even that was more by luck than judgment. In normal circumstances, they’d play two BO1s and then dip.

Awful, awful format.

Double elimination has already proven to be a great idea in the LCS and LEC playoffs, but Riot just don’t care. It’d be so easy to implement and make MSI a much better experience, but instead we deal with our handful of international BO5s on 35 ping for some reason, and we’ll be happy.

Don’t get me started on that.

I’ve never been less excited to watch an international tournament in League of Legends in my life. I’m almost apathetic, because the format sucks and the timezone is even worse.

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