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T1 vs. Evil Geniuses

“Just beat the GOAT:” Twitter reacts as Evil Geniuses upset T1 at MSI

Evil Geniuses upset T1 at MSI 2022’s fourth day of the rumble stage and have broken reality.

There used to be three immutable laws to the universe: death, taxes, and North American teams crashing and burning at international events.

But EG beat T1 convincingly off a well-rounded team effort, and an insane performance from AD carry Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki on teamfight o’clock.

Inevitably, jojopyun ascended to godhood.

And we are all mindblown

As we adapt to a timeline where Evil Geniuses, Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain prompts us to adapt to a different type of reality. Indeed, formerly unbeaten T1 have lost enough games to cause concern.

Meanwhile, washed up ex-semipro streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera’s tier list has evolved to reflect T1’s status after… whatever we witnessed at MSI.

And jungler-turned-coach-turned-jungler Maurice “Amazingx” Stückenschneider has reached the most logical conclusion one could reach in the current circumstances.

Somehow, a long time coming

Nevertheless, Evil Geniuses upset T1 at MSI on May 23, and it was no fluke: they were the better team on the day.

Leave it to Lost Sanity Liandry Salesman Nick “LS” De Cesare to highlight what went wrong for T1 in his unique way (he’s been on it for a while):

And leave it to former journalist and coach turned academy producer Kelsey Moser to rejoice as things have become significantly more interesting in the Top 4, as it turns into a top 5:

Now, how will the CEO of Based, Joe Marsh, react to this one?

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