C9 put on a TSM cosplay

You know how Blaber is like, 90% absolute monster and 10% power inter?

Today was one of those power int days.

Cloud9 move down to 0-2 after a painful loss to Japanese side Detonation FocusMe, largely in part due to Blaber committing to an early scuttle crab with no support. He DID smite the crab away, though, so his death was worth it. Other than the fact it pretty much single-handedly lost the game.

Let’s avoid the 0-6, lads.

NA’s greatest enemy.

MAD Lions get the best of the fiesta

MAD Lions are no strangers to a bit of madness, and they’re also no strangers to losing to Turkish teams. Thankfully for EU’s hope, they were able to sneak away with the victory in an insane game. Kaiser and Carzzy once more got the better of their lane opponents, but a sloppy mid-game had them sweating – however, it all worked out okay in the end, and Armut gets his 6th Wukong win of the year.


Carzzy, on Twitter after the game

China look unstoppable

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