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Huge changes

MSI 2024 will be bigger than ever with Worlds qualification changes

LoL Esports has revealed a new way to qualify for Worlds 2024, the implications of MSI 2024, and the start

The stage is set for competitive League of Legends as teams around the world get ready for another year of intense competition. In 2024, MSI will have Worlds’ implications, making the tournament more important than ever before. Alongside the revised formula for Worlds qualifications are official start dates for each major league in LoL esports.

MSI 2024 will guarantee a spot in Worlds

MSI 2024 is taking place in Chengdu, China starting on May 1 through May 19.

Alongside the dates and location were details on the stakes of the event. The winner of MSI 2024 will automatically qualify for Worlds 2024. In order to retain the slot, the winner of the event must qualify for Summer Playoffs in their respective region. The second best-performing region will secure an extra slot at Worlds 2024 that is up for grabs.

To make this qualifying path possible, the Worlds 2024 slot are set to three each for the LEC, LCS, LPL, and LCK. The PCS and VCS have two slots apiece, while the LLA and CBLOL each have one. Worlds 2024 will return to Europe, starting with the Play-Ins and Swiss Stages which will be played at the Riot Games Arena in Berlin, Germany. The quarterfinals and semifinals will take place in the Adidas Arena in Paris, France. The event will make its final stop in the Oe Arena, in London, England where a new World Champion will be crowned. Worlds 2024 will run September 25 through November 2.

LoL Esports is opening its own hall of fame

LoL Esports is celebrating 14 years of existence with the LoL Esports Hall of Legends, the inductees will be selected through voting.

The LoL Esports Hall of Legends celebrates those professional players with remarkable careers. Every year, the inductee will be voted by a panel of industry veterans and experts. According to the announcement, the panel has already selected and in the process of voting for the first ever inductee, to be announced in the upcoming months. The in-game celebration is likely to include exclusive goods like skins, icons, and emotes.

LoL Esports shares regional leagues start dates

All LoL Esports regional leagues are starting their first split of the year in January.

Before thinking about MSI and Worlds 2024, teams must focus on the first season of the year. Every league has two splits, Spring and Summer, with the exception of the LEC which continues to use the three-season format with Winter, Spring, and Summer. These seasons ultimately lead to a Season Finals that determines the seeding for Worlds 2024.

The regional leagues start dates are:

  • LEC: Jan 13
  • LCK: Jan 17
  • LPL: Jan 22
  • LCS: Jan 20
  • PCS: Jan 19
  • VCS: Jan 20
  • CBLOL: Jan 20
  • LLA: Jan 16

Rosters for teams in all the major leagues are locked in with some getting completely overhauled while others are returning from 2023 intact. There’s even a G2 Esports reunion tour in store with a different organization.

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