Credit: Lee Aiksoon/Riot Games

MSI 2022: As Saigon Buffalo wins, PSG Talon tastes bitter regret

Saigon Buffalo’s win over PSG Talon at the 2022 Midseason Invitational (MSI) could have far-reaching consequences. Indeed, as the VCS celebrates its first victory at the MSI rumble stage, PSG Talon are one loss away from dropping out of the competition.

The VCS rejoices as its second-best team develops

As they sowed chaos through PSG’s ranks, Saigon Buffalo validated its MSI improvement. A game removed from nearly upsetting Royal Never Give Up, SGB’s newfound composure could cause trouble for the MSI Rumble’s final day.

Saigon Buffalo needed that composure badly to threaten GAM Esports in the VCS. And as the team obtained it throughout MSI, it won’t go home empty-handed. The experience will be invaluable as they (could) rampage through the VCS during the summer split, in what could be a repeat finals matchup against GAM.

PSG Talon, or the upset in peril

However, PSG are in a pickle as the loss forces them to win both games to keep their fates in their hands. A loss against Evil Geniuses would be particularly disastrous as they would have to pray for G0-2 to reappear (rather than the G2-0 of Days 1 and 2).

The PCS team could have won the game, could have gone 4-4 and tied with Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports. The situation could have propelled it to the semifinals directly with a victory over EG on May 24. In that situation, their worst-case scenario would have been a tiebreaker scenario for third place with the North American team—one in which both are qualified.

After their rough tenure at the MSI group stage, their resurgence could have revitalized the PCS. Instead, many of their hopes hinge on a G0-2 showing. Then again, G2 fans might already be coping with it, especially as they face the team that snagged PSG, Saigon Buffalo, on the first game of the final day.

Here’s to hoping, for European fans, that this article doesn’t become irrelevant by the time May 24 is done and dusted.

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