Credit: Hans Gurk/Riot Games

MSI 2022: Live Updates – Developing stories in Rumble Stage’s final day

The MSI 2022 Rumble stage's final day is upon us, and G2 Esports are no longer in danger of losing their playoff spot. Instead, they proved that freedom was truly NA-flavored as Evil Geniuses were a free win for the EU team.

Meanwhile, RNG cruised to a first-place finish, and water was indeed proven to be wet.

All times are in the Central European Summer Time (CEST) timezone.

12:20 PM - Is history repeating itself?

A quick rewind to 2019 reveals a shocking parallel between then and now:

The positions of each regional team are the same as they were in 2019, when G2 Esports eventually lifted the trophy after being North America's Team Liquid in the 2019 MSI finals.

However, the scores aren't the same: EG and G2 are 5-5 (separated by a 2-0 tiebreaker in G2's favor), and either RNG or T1 will likely have one more loss to their record.

12:00 PM - "Death, taxes, EU beating NA" - Ashley Kang, 2022

G2 Esports have safeguarded one of the laws of League of Legends esports: a European team has beaten a North American one for—we lost count when the counter hit 9000.

With their victory, G2 Esports position themselves in third and will likely play against T1 in the MSI semifinals. Meanwhile, Evil Geniuses are looking at a potential thriller against Royal Never Give Up.

11:20 AM - G2 Esports qualify as PSG Talon fall to Royal Never Give Up

Thus ended the PCS representatives' dreams: not on a bang, but on a whimper, as RNG dismantled them. As RNG suffocated PSG's jungle early, they transitioned to crushing the rest of the map.

RNG's victory sends G2 to the MSI playoffs. Beyond that, G2 could lock third place (and all other seeds) if they beat Evil Geniuses in the next game; no tiebreakers necessary.

10:20 AM - Back to our regular programming of T1 crushing everything on its path

At least, Saigon Buffalo gave it a go while 13k gold down by the 21-minute mark. However, T1 were hellbent on securing a Top 2 seed.

After this game, Evil Geniuses cannot reach higher than third. However, T1's chances at finishing first are alive—and a PSG Talon victory against RNG would leave them one victory away from doing so.

09:55 AM - Can Saigon Buffalo win their third game in a row and derail T1's first-place chances?

A Saigon Buffalo victory in the final day of the 2022 MSI Rumble stage would ensure two things:

  • T1 cannot reach first place, locking RNG in first.
  • If Evil Geniuses beat G2 Esports, T1 must beat RNG to stay in second place.
  • From here onward, all game outcomes are intertwined.

09:26 AM – Evil Geniuses qualify to playoffs, destroy PSG Talon

PSG Talon can’t catch a break as Evil Geniuses are picking them apart. Despite drawing early aggro in the mid lane, EG rebalanced itself around the bot lane, and Inspired’s Nocturne shut the lights out on PSG’s chances at winning the game.

As PSG are unable to reach Danny’s Samira (well protected by Vulcan’s Nautilus), they watch their screen turn grey over and over as EG initiates upon them time and time again. Not that Impact’s Gangplank isn’t making things any easier upon them with the R—Cannon Barrages.

09:00 AM – Before Evil Geniuses vs. PSG Talon starts

At 4-5, G2 rely on Evil Geniuses to win to keep their third-place hopes alive. Although an Evil Geniuses loss would not mean doom and gloom, G2’s final game of the Rumble stage would become a must-win for survival.

Either way, G2 must beat Evil Geniuses later to keep its fate in its hands. And Evil Geniuses must beat PSG Talon to secure a tiebreaker at worst, and qualification outright at best.

08:40 AM – Saigon Buffalo annihilate G2 Esports in first game of the day

G2 Esports needed a victory to stay out of PSG Talon’s reach, but it was not meant to be. Instead, Saigon Buffalo claimed their second win of MSI. This time, they were far cleaner and more decisive than in their previous victories.

Although he picked a scaling Gwen in the jungle, BeanJ’s power spike came ahead of schedule as SGB funnelled resources to him. Meanwhile, Hasmed made a 2018 TheShy impersonation on Aatrox, traumatizing G2 further.