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MSI 2022 – Dear pros, PLEASE stop picking these champions!

International tournaments are always set on a given meta, and it usually takes a couple of gamedays to determine one. For MSI 2022, we have already seen some successful champions with a lot of presence, but some were so unsuccessful that we must ask players: what were you thinking when you picked them? 

Teams have reached the point where those champions must be avoided. Given how teams have performed on them, it’s comparable to giving the other team a few kills’ advantage. There are so many picks that would work better in the same place, but coaches somehow keep inting drafts. 

And if you don’t want to join them in the vicious cycle of bad drafting, don’t pick them: 

Nautilus casts a Dredge Line (to his death) 

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So far, Nautilius is the most useless champion throughout the tournament. Although he has a good early game and his initiation on team fights is on point, that’s about it. The champion becomes useless after 10-15 minutes, and he becomes a sitting duck. 

Players somehow broke the Nautilus curse after nine losses in a row, but that is nine (9) losses out of 10 games. Currently at 1-9 and with 78% presence, Nautilius is the winner of the “MSI int champion” award. 

Fastpay Widcalts’ support Farfetch and ORDER’s Corporal seem to be his biggest fans as they played him a total of three times each. How about Leona for a change of pace? You will be way tankier with the same utility kit. Ask Vulcan: not even flying off the map could stop him from doing his job. 

Samira, the kamikaze

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Some dark magic took hold throughout the scrims as teams seem to think that Samira is good in pro play. If we must guess who is at fault, FastPay Wildcats’ Holyphoenix must have done something in scrims, as he is notorious for the pick. 

Samira hasn’t won yet, sitting with a 0-3 record on Day 3. With a mere 33% presence, teams have started to refrain from picking her, and that’s good news if they want to win. 

DetonatioN FocusMe, Evil Geniuses and Team Aze have tried the champion, and we’re certain that they won’t do that experiment again. 

On second thought, Samira can fit VCS’ representatives Saigon Buffalo due to their explosive playstyle; so, one more Samira experiment is allowed. 

Vex: “I believe I can fly (to my death)”

Source: League of Legends

Vex is another Samira incident: likely good in scrims but bad on stage. As a “kamikaze” mid laner with a way into fights but no way out, few players can play this playstyle. Assassin mid lane specialists would probably thrive with her, but that’s not the current meta. 

Vex has the lowest pressence of the three champions listed with 28%, and she has the 0-3 record similarity with Samira. PSG Talon, Team Aze and ORDER have played her and, as expected, it didn’t go well. 

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