Credit: DreamHack

Spanish organization Movistar Riders has announced a complete overhaul of their CS:GO roster.

The team returns to a complete Spanish lineup with the addition of SunPayus, Dav1g, and DeathZz, benching British AWPer Smooya in the process.

The new players will join long-term members mopoz and alex on the roster.

Movister Riders were down to three-player after removing steel and shokz earlier this month. With the addition of three new players and the removal of Smooya, they now have:

  • Alejandro ‘mopoz” Fernandez
  • Alejandro “alex” Masanet
  • Raul “DeathZz” Jordan-Nieto
  • Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia
  • David “dav1g” Granado Bermudo

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