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MOUZ vs Outsiders shouldn’t be the first game of the Major

This is the biggest event of the year.

Hell, it might be the biggest event ever. It’s a Major in Rio with the whole thing in front of a crowd.

Events don’t get much bigger than this, and I couldn’t be any more hyped.

And then the first game on the A stream, on the main stage, is MOUZ vs Outsiders.


An unfitting spectacle

Don’t get me wrong, both Outsiders and MOUZ are very good teams. They’ll probably both qualify.

But when all the hype has been around it being the first Major in Rio, it’s time we do things just like the World Cup – put the host nation centre stage, day one, game one, and make it a party.

Outsiders are intensely boring to watch, and when it’s supposed to be this super hype moment we get to watch Jame constrict MOUZ in his unique, miserly style of play. If you can even call it that.

There’s no ‘play’. It’s all work.


I get that they don’t want to put the great games too early because people have ‘jobs’ and ‘things to do’ during the day. I get that putting on the best game of the day in the earliest slot might mean some people in weird timezones miss it.

But it’s the opening of the Major. The whole arena has been sold out, and was within hours. If you put Vitality vs Imperial on for the first game, it sure as sh*t would be impossibly busy.

It would probably make more sense, too, because people would be more willing to stay at the venue and sit through MOUZ vs Outsiders than *get there early to watch it*.

Other options

If you don’t want to put on the best game of the day as the first game, then sure, fine.

Quite literally any of the other A stream games would be a more fitting start to a Rio Major. 00NATION vs BNE? Amazing. FURIA vs BIG? I’d rather not watch BIG either at the start of a Major, but at least we could see a home team win first up.

It brings the whole energy of the event up from the first minute, and makes the whole event that bit more lively.


Outsiders vs MOUZ is the exact opposite. It’s a chill out game. You can’t afford to watch it too closely, because you’ll just want to throw your monitor out the window watching Outsiders.

It should be middle of the day, a palate cleanser.

You can’t have an opening ceremony and then put Jame on screen. And if you don’t have an opening ceremony, your opening ceremony becomes watching him save AWPs on the other side of the map for 55 minutes.

In overtime.

We’re about to have one of the biggest events of all time, in front of a mad crowd, for 2 weeks, and we’re going to kick it all off with a 6/10 game.

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