Look, I’m not MOUZ’ biggest fan – not with this roster.

I wrote previously about how they should have promoted the NXT team to the main team almost immediately, and I stand by that. No point having an academy team that smashes everyone else’s if you’re not going to promote them.

But if it’s ever going to be a success, it has to start now. NiP, fnatic and G2 are all in some sort of disrepair, and MOUZ have to at least finish 2nd, but should really be finishing first.

No excuses

To not promote the youth you must assume you’re going for instant success. Else, why would you not give the valuable experience to the kids while you can? If you’re not aiming to win right now, you should be planning to win later.

You can make all the excuses that you want about being a new team and needing time, but fnatic, NiP and G2 aren’t even with their full team, for the most part. fnatic might have their ‘full’ team, but they just dropped their AWPer and had no idea if Brollan was playing or not until a few days ago.

The only teams who have their full roster are LookingForOrg, who MOUZ have to be better then or something has gone seriously wrong, and Entropiq. Entropiq are a very, very solid team who will also be vying for top two – but they are a team who to be a top team, you should be better than.

Like BIG, or West Ham. Or the Utah Jazz.

You can’t call yourself a great team if you’re not better than Entropiq. That’s no disrespect to them; you wouldn’t put FaZe, G2, NaVi and the other good teams on their level, but they’re very, very good.

frozen has previous at Pro League – but if he does it with this roster, then I’ll be super impressed. via ESL.

Now MOUZ have BO3s against a mishmash of either great teams with players missing, good teams or… okay teams with players missing in NiP’s case.

Cheap shot.

They have to start winning, and they have to do it convincingly to really prove that this team is the one to push MOUZ forward. If they don’t smash this group, they might as well have blooded xertioN and JDC while not winning.

If they do win their group convincingly, I’ll shut up.

At least for a little bit, anyway.

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