mousesports killed off another NA hopeful thanks to some vintage ropz and frozen gameplay. 

Even when EG looked like they might be gaining some control, ropz pulled off something spectacular.

Nuke wasn’t exactly one-sided, with rounds going back and forth and plays being made left and right – but if you looked at ropz’ scoreline you might think otherwise.

The Estonian picked up 38 kills on Nuke in just 28 rounds as the rest of his team struggled to break even – largely due to oBo’s heroics.

Inferno was far more comfortable, with ropz taking a back seat and his protégé frozen taking up the mantle.

Team Spirit were too much for Sprout

Elsewhere, Team Spirit were pushed to the brim by Sprout but eventually shone through thanks to their own dynamic duo, mir and degster.

degster pulled off one of the most heinous AWP rounds you will ever see to turn a 2v4.

And that, truly, is the story of that game. Sprout were able to get advantageous situations, but they just didn’t have the firepower to best Spirit.

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