Lee Sin to your heart: most picked League of Legends Champions in LCK History

The LCK and OGN leagues have turned South Korea into the Mecca of League of Legends esports in the past decade: the skill and patience that Korean players showed over the years is reflected in the most picked champions in the region’s history.

Since 2012, the Korean region has consistently produced the best players and assembled the best teams globally. Korean influence on the meta was unparalleled for years. LCK teams were the best at reading and understanding the game, so it’s no surprise that the entire world always tried to copy their strategies, including Champion picks.

Top 10 Most picked Champions in LCK history

  1. Lee Sin-1255 games
  2. Ezreal-1142 games
  3. Thresh-1008 games
  4. Gragas-959 games
  5. Alistar-942 games
  6. Braum-889 games
  7. Elise-887 games
  8. Lucian-762 games
  9. Jarvan IV-745 games
  10. Tahm Kench-734 games

Varus(725) and Ryze (723) narrowly missed the top ten list, so keep an eye on them in drafts as we get into the 2022 LCK Summer split.

Source: Riot Games

Lee Sin to your (LCK) heart

DanDy, inSec, KaKAO, Score, bengi, Canyon… The list of mechanical gods that played the jungle role in the history of LCK goes on and on. And Lee Sin is the perfect Champion for junglers to showcase their skills.

The Blind Monk leads the all-time list of most picked Champions in LCK history with 1255 appearances. His incredible design and balanced kit allowed him to stay relevant throughout the years and various metas.

Furthermore, there are a few plays in LoL more satisfying than a clean ward-jump into Kick-Flash combo to knock enemy ADC into your team.

Source: Riot Games

Stacking Tears since 2012

In second place, Ezreal scaled his way to 1142 selections. Using his sustainable kit, he safely scales in the bottom lane and frees his support to impact the map. That ability is precious in a region that emphasizes the macro aspect of the game above all else.

Behind him comes Thresh, the only remaining Champion that breaks the 1000 mark in the LCK. The champion is as iconic as the Korean players who mained him: MadLife and Mata have shined internationally, and Keria is following suit.

Two more playmaking Champions round out the top five: Gragas and Alistar sit in fourth and fifth with 959 and 942 games.

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