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Most impressive teams of DPC 2021/22 Division I Tour 1

Every coin has two sides. It’s an eternal reality.

In our previous article, we spoke about teams that have disappointed us the most in DPC 2021/22 Division I Tour 1.

Today, we flip the coin to the other side and take a look at teams that have impressed us the most.

OG Esports

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The most surprising team of the season has to be OG Esports.

Heading into the new DPC year, OG made the most difficult decision of rebuilding their entire roster with new and upcoming talent.

Misha took on the mantle of leading the team after stepping down from coaching duties and curated a team of passionate individuals brimming with insatiable hunger – to prove themselves.

Unlike Alliance, OG’s attempt at a rebuild has been a success as they placed top four in the DPC WEU 2021/22 Tour 1: Division Il, and also qualified for the Regional Finals to be held between February 11-13.

The team has shown admirable progress in a short span of time with every individual contributing no less than the other.

Royal Never Give Up

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The new Chinese powerhouse in the making, RNG, has definitely been one of the most impressive teams in the new season.

The inclusion of Somnus and xNova to their ranks has uplifted RNG to a different level after two disappointing years of not being able to perform at the top of the ladder.

The team clicked from the get go and started registering victories over strong rivals like Invictus Gaming, Team Aster, EHOME, etc.

They lost two series: one against PSG.LGD and the other against LBZS. The former was expected but the latter was a surprise loss.

Nonetheless, this will only make scenarios interesting in the upcoming Regional Finals and the competitive scene that is extremely competitive as is.

BOOM Esports

Image Source: BOOM Esports

Newly rebuilt rosters performing decently is always a treat to the eyes. But a newly built roster completely dismantling the status quo in the region is much sweeter.

Such is the story of BOOM Esports.

BOOM was always on the cusp of being great, yet greatness always eluded them. However, this time around, they were having none of it.

Taking the SEA region by storm, BOOM’s aggressive game style surprised many and eventually led them to the top of the table. They dismantled every opponent that came their way with T1 being the sole exception.

Their performance at the Regional Finals will be intriguing to witness but a top two finish is almost certain.