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Most disappointing teams of 2021-22 DPC Division I Tour 1

The DPC 2021-22 Tour 1 has officially concluded with Division I teams across different regions gearing up for the Winter Tour regional finals.

The six regional finals events will be held online, over the course of two weekends in February, with the top four teams from each region competing for DPC points and a $100,000 prize pool.

However, there were few teams that didn’t perform up to the expectations and thus were relegated to the lower division.

Today we find two former TI champions being relegated to the lower division owing to abysmal performance, as well as few other name(s).


Image Source: Alliance

The TI3 champs have been the biggest losers in the DPC Western Europe Division I. 

Basking in the glory of the past, they now find themselves in the unearthly gallows of Division II after the most disappointing start to the new year.

Alliance’s performance in the previous year can be described as “godly” online - “ghastly” offline.

They reigned supreme in the online leagues but were unable to replicate the same success at LAN events and bombed spectacularly including at TI10.

After a disappointing tour 1, the team is undergoing roster changes with their future looking gloomy.

Invictus Gaming

TI2 champs, Invictus Gaming, were one of the best teams during the past year; online and offline.

They won the One Esports Singapore Major, and placed #4 at The International 10 all the while being a steady force to be reckoned with.

However, they decided to part ways with a longstanding member, Kaka, shortly prior to the DPC 2021-22.

Needless to say, they have been unable to find any momentum in the current season and have been relegated to Division II.

TNC Predator

One of SEA’s torchbearers in the last years now finds itself in the dark pit of Division II with a dismal start to their season.

A staple in the region, TNC Predator were unable to qualify for The International 10 after a heartbreaking loss against Fnatic in the regional qualifier grand finals.

Opting for a fresh approach, TNC dropped their entire roster and recruited Dota veteran, Febby, to lead up and coming players into the new year.

The attempt was brave but proved to be futile as they got completely smothered and ended up at the bottom of the table.

They will now have to work their way upwards after being relegated to Division II amid stiff competition.