Top contested heroes with the highest and lowest win-rate for April 2021

As they say, “Change is the only constant“, and the 7.29 patch has indeed turned out to be exactly that as it has completely changed the outlook of the game.

Several heroes have become popular, and just like an onion, you’ve to peel back a layer at a time to be able to fully comprehend it.

In continuation with our Monthly Hero Tier List series, today, we take a look at the top 25 heroes that have been contested the most for the month of April.

  • The list is divided into three tiers based on their popularity in premium and professional games.
  • The selection criteria is based upon the most favoured picks by professional teams in the “Pick & Ban” phase.
  • You can view the Top 5 Heroes with the highest win rate from the aforementioned list.
  • Similarly, you can also take a peek at the Top 5 Heroes with the lowest win rate.

Note: The stats have been accrued from the date of new patch release, i.e., April 10 to April 30, 2021.

Tier-1: Beyond Godlike

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Puck and Beastmaster have simply outclassed their peers ever since the release of patch 7.29 as both of them recorded the highest contention rate at 90% and 84.19%, respectively.

Heroes that can make early to mid-game impact along with team-fight prowess are the current flavours of the season.

The only carry hero to make the tier-1 list is Juggernaut that currently occupies the third position at 66.74% contention rate owing to his versatility of being impactful throughout the — early-mid-late — game.

Tier-2: Monster Kill

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Most of the heroes in this tier are the ones that can scale more towards the late-game. For example, traditional carry heroes like Morphling, Lifestealer, Troll Warlord and Phoenix with the exception of Juggernaut, who finds his place in the first tier.

Lion and Snapfire are rising in demand as as supports while mid-laners like Death Prophet, Void Spirit and Storm Spirit follow them closely.

Tier-3: Killing Spree

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This tier comprises of situational heroes. Teams pick them as the situation demands, and to a great extent have been successful in an attempt to surprise the enemy.

Ursa is leading the pack at 39.77% owing to his semi-carry and late-game carry role, while the meekly mannered Oracle follows closely at 36.28% for his support role.

Heroes with highest win-rate %

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Beastmaster leads the pack at 64% win-rate — thanks to the Aghanim Scepter buff that stacked his Wild Axes damage — until IceFrog decided to nerf it in the subsequent mini-patches due to its OP’ness!

The most contested hero in this patch, Puck (57.85%), ranks third trailing behind Invoker (61.36%).

Despite being a situational hero, Invoker has a higher win-rate than Puck, while his comrade in Phantom Lancer (56.25%) shares the fourth place with Juggernaut despite the latter being a Tier-1 pick.

Heroes with lowest win-rate %

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