morgpie banned

Here we go again

Morgpie banned from streaming on Twitch, will she be back soon?

Another popular Twitch streamer has been banned, as Morgpie is now suspended from the popular streaming service. But it’s possible that she could be back before you know it.

Morgpie’s Twitch channel was found to be banned early on December 11. There is on immediate notice being given as to why the channel is banned, but the streamer’s fans already have their suspicions, and it has to do with the latest streaming “meta.”

Why was Morgpie banned from Twitch?

While Twitch does not often give official explanations for its bans, Morgpie seems to be banned from Twitch for pushing the boundaries of a new streaming meta that involves going topless. The streaming style began to trend in recent weeks as a new way for some streamers to push the limits of the streaming platform’s terms of service.

Pushing those limits is nothing new for streamers who are always looking for new ways to appease fans and encourage their financial support via donations and subscriptions. This latest development appears to have been too much for moderators at Twitch to tolerate.

morgpie banned

Morgpie isn’t the first streamer to be banned as part of this apparent crackdown. asianbunnyx was also suspended from the platform, and while the reason for that wasn’t officially given either, both streamers were taking part in the same behavior just prior to these bans being delivered.

When will Morgpie be back on Twitch?

It’s likely that Morgpie will be back on Twitch sooner than later. The streamer has been banned four times in the past. In each of those instances, the ban lasted for only a single day.

It’s possible that this latest ban could go on longer. Some such bans last for three days, some for a week, and some are indefinite. But it would be surprising if Morgpie’s ban was significantly longer than the day-long suspensions she has faced to date, given the pattern of her being banned and then almost immediately unbanned.

Twitch could begin cracking down harder on streamers who push its terms of service, but that also seems unlikely in the foreseeable future. That may be to the chagrin of critics of streamers like Morgpie and asianbunnyx, but it will be welcome news to their many fans who are eager to see them streaming again.

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