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With Modern Warefare II releasing globally today, everyone is asking themselves how to be better and curious about the new Modern Warfare meta to get those fast ranks.

If you’re struggling against the sweats who have been awake the last twenty hours, this list is perfect for you and will help you stomp out your enemy and be victorious.

Thankfully we’ve got you, and this list applies to new players with no progress within the game. This is an early meta that anyone can access; don’t cause too much carnage!

Hunter – Stalker default class

The hunter stalker default class is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to meta, and thankfully everyone can use it because it’s a default class—a bit of a catch-22.

The gun is a lightweight 7.62×39 compact assault rifle, allowing you to run around the map at high speeds taking out your enemy and securing the objectives.

The hunter-stalker class is the best available default option in the game, and not enough people are using it due to the stigma behind the fact it’s a default.

Play this class on smaller and larger maps. Ensure you are running around at high speeds; the key to this class is agility, so abuse it and use it to your advantage.

PDSW 528

The PDSW 528 is an excellent weapon and is available once you unlock your create-a-class option, and from here, you can create greatness with this gorgeous weapon.

The weapon is excellent off the get-go, but if you want to pump up your game and dominate your enemies, then here is a recommended custom build:

  • Bruen G305 Grip Wrap – Rear grip
  • Integrated reflex rail – Rail
  • Xten Razer comp – Muzzle
  • 9.5″ DUKE-30 – Barrel

These are the tools you need to begin your trip to greatness, and obviously, you will have to spend some time with the weapon before you unlock these attachments.

Expedite 12 – the best modern Warfare meta

The expedite 12 is a mighty weapon of destruction, this thing not only kills your enemy, but it also tears them limb-by-limb with no attachments.

Level nine is the only requirement to unlock this beauty, and all you need to do, similarly to the Hunter-Stalker class, sprint around every match, tapping heads.

The weapon typically one-shots enemies from close to mid-distance, which is quite a surprise considering it is a shotgun, but never more than two taps.

There is a high likelihood that things from this list could receive a nerf or even a buff! Therefore, get busy, take a day off work, and get grinding.

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