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Three stars or no stars

Modern Warfare II: Spec ops “MT. ZAYA” Mission guide

Modern Warfare Special Operations mission “MT ZAYA” involves the fan-favorite map, Dome, featured in both Modern Warfare 3 (2011) and the new Al Mazrah Warzone 2.0. But today, players embark on a special operations mission within the sacred location.

Obtaining three stars on this mission is straightforward. Ensure that each objective is clear of enemies and prevent them from planting the bomb on each site. To receive three stars, the enemies must plant the bomb three or fewer times; fairly easy, right?

Before entering the match, we always recommend running the “recon” or “assault” kit on this mission. The mission is fast-paced and high-intensity; blood, sweat, and tears are common features within this map. Therefore, it’s always essential to run these kits.

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Modern Warfare MT. ZAYA – instructions

When you enter the match, ensure you collect a sentry gun and self-revive from the shop; also, make sure to swap out your secondary weapon. As usual, we highly recommend running the KASTOV 545 and the M4 assault rifles for this mission.

Immediately sprint from spawn to the first objective, and place a sentry gun down outside the cave; this will eliminate all enemies from outside positions. Enter the main cave area, and defend the objective from enemies accordingly (on mini-map).

Once completed, run back to spawn and restock. You now have 45 seconds to reach the next objective, therefore, arrive promptly after restocking. For each separate match, the objective will change; therefore, you can’t predict the objective, so be patient.

While defending the second objective, it’s best to sit on a roof. You will have a 360-degree vantage point and can easily protect yourself from the enemy. Also, if the enemy plant a bomb, don’t worry; you have a while to defuse it before it explodes.

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MT. ZAYA – Waves of enemies

Whereas the objectives are similar, once reaching round three, a new challenger approaches: the suicidal vest enemy. Try and prioritize these enemies first and kill them before they get close to you; they could end your mission earlier than expected.

After taking care of them, wave four commences, and an even worse enemy introduces itself: Mortar teams. On top of this, you and your teammate will now have to defend two objectives simultaneously, so you must split up. Ensure you both obtain high ground and resupply at the start of each round with self-revives.

Round five isn’t too exciting. It’s the same as round four with the addition of riot shield enemies. The KASTOV 545 we recommended has a grenade launcher attached to neutralize those enemies with ease while defending your two objectives.

Round six will initiate all objectives; you must buy and plant at least one sentry gun at all separate locations to help defend when you’re absent; do this before the round starts. One player must stay at A, and the other rotates between B and C. Thankfully, enemies are relatively slow. Therefore you shouldn’t have many issues finishing this with three stars; stay alive and defend your final positions!

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