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Modern Warfare II: Spec ops “low profile” mission guide

Modern Warfare II offers a series of Spec ops missions, one of them being “low profile.” But how do you keep an actual low profile and successfully complete the mission? The thing is, you don’t. This mission is all about speed and agility.

For the guide, we recommend solo players run an assault kit, and if you are a team of two you will need an assault kit and medic kit. It will be most necessary for the medic to run the sniper rifle, as they won’t be able to get up close as much as assault.

Hopefully, this guide will give you the understanding to undergo this mission and receive three stars, fully completing the mission and reaching maximum praise.

Countless enemies, trucks and dangerous explosives against a few humble Call of Duty players, although you might like your odds, they certainly aren’t in your favour.

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Decent to the landing zone

Upon beginning the mission you will have the choice of firearm, the best for solo completion will be the sniper rifle, and the secondary is the M4. If you are within a team of two, a sniper and M4 are still necessary but have another player with an SMG.

Drop into landing site A, this is because it is the hardest site to complete, if you mess up it’s a quick retry. When landing at the site land on a surrounding rooftop, take out the three enemies on the roof discreetly and move into the target building.

If you are alone, good luck, but if playing in a team of two, the sniper will remain on the rooftop covering the buddy that enters the target in case they set off any alarms and dozens of guards pile up to begin defending the objective.

The building is full of green laser explosives, so the entering player will need to be prone to get around and find the objective. The objective is located upstairs, to find it pull out your Geiga counter and follow it into the first room on the right, after the stairs.

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Step two – speed, violence and momentum

In order to reach three stars, you are going to need to finish the mission within fifteen minutes. It’s possible to complete the mission in ten if you are quick enough.

Therefore after completing objective A, it’s all speed from here. Rush objective B, taking caution whilst doing so as there are roaming enemies, when reaching the building there are two guards outside, take them out once the truck passes.

Unfortunately, this is going to be a loud one. You are going to have to clear the house with speed, taking out the downstairs enemies and upstairs. Once doing so grab the objective from upstairs, and run as fast as you can to the next objective.

While running to the next objective take the left flank, you will come across a bridge and instead of crossing it, go under it and swim across. This will avoid enemies who would’ve met you at the end of the bridge, and we don’t want the hassle.

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Final objective and escaping the location in Modern Warfare Spec Ops

Once swimming across nearing objective C, you are going to be wary of the roaming Juggernaut, usually located on the left flank of the buildings by the objective. So, what you are going to want to do is slowly but cautiously walk to the structures.

The objective is located within the second building closest to the bridge, and to get inside it you are going to need to be quick and fast, as it’s too time-consuming to approach this objective in a stealthy manner.

Take out any surrounding enemies, grab the objective and bolt to the landing zone to await extraction, upon running to the objective you won’t need to fight. Only kill enemies that are in the way or oppose threat to you or your partner.

Finally, await your pick-up. Awaiting the helicopter is the most challenging, as you won’t be able to run away like prior objectives. Make sure you and your partner are spaced away from each other to avoid being blown up by the same explosive. Get in the helicopter as soon as you can and watch the three stars bless your screen.

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