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High Ground High Reward

Modern Warfare II: Spec ops “High Ground” Mission guide

Another Modern Warfare special ops mission means another three stars mission guide. Today, we will provide you with the necessary skills to complete mission High Ground with the best results for your time, progression, and rank.

Destroying your enemy from the sky like never before – High Ground offers an immersive helicopter special operations experience for you and your buddies to enjoy. That is, until you start dying on repeat and looking for guides online!

Fortunately, High Ground is the fan favorite special operations mission. Therefore you can sit back, relax, and seriously step up your game to capitalize on those three stars and let us guide you through a series of simple instructions to reach victory.

This mission is very much about running point to point quickly and directly.

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Modern Warfare High Ground – instructions

Death or the assault kit – do not choose any other loadout; otherwise, you are dooming yourself. You must finish the mission within 15 minutes to get three stars, and the assault kit will aid you on this journey. Without it, you will die. Upon spawning, we recommend picking up the KASTOV 545 alongside the M4 rifle.

Before choosing what player is inside the chopper gunner, decide who is the better player. A mighty punch to the ego, but the worse player should take the gunner. It’s a small price to pay for salvation. Plus, the chopper gunner is more entertaining.

Immediately upon spawning, turn the helicopter’s thermal vision on and destroy the enemy. The ground soldier sprints into the objective, ready to secure it, while the chopper gunner pilot ensures all enemies are dead, especially those with launchers.

When the pilot can see small square boxes around the objective compound, “ping” these boxes to signal to the foot soldier where the objective is located. The foot soldier ensures the objective is secure. The pilot must provide a clear path by destroying all enemies; the quicker they die, the faster you can move onto the following location.

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Objectives within High Ground

The foot soldier shouldn’t rush too much between going to objectives. The helicopter must clear a path and requires a moment, making it unnecessary to put yourself in harm’s way at almost every opportunity within this mission. On top of this, the helicopter also needs to scan the building for the correct objective before you enter.

When entering the next objective, the intel will usually be found upstairs, and although this isn’t always the case, there is a higher probability of this happening. Upstairs, there are more enemies – proceed with caution, otherwise, you might die suddenly. Note – when destroying the servers, ensure you shoot all racks, not just one.

Outside each objective, there will be equipment restocking, ensure the foot soldier takes advantage of this while, again, the pilot clears the route to the next objective. As you can notice, this mission is relatively straightforward, be patient until the helicopter clears a path. Then the foot soldier takes the objective, wait, then repeat.

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Finishing the mission

At the second to last objective, you will come across a juggernaut. You can avoid him by quickly running past him into the objective and then making a quick escape. It is always preferable that you avoid enemies if you can to ensure safety.

Before heading to the final location, wait for the helicopter to take out the RPG in the sniper tower and immediately run to the compound. When entering, you can grab ammo, armor, and a self-revive from the shack to the right of the main objective.

Enter the main objective while the pilot protects you. Be aware that the final building is filled with enemies; therefore, you must clear the house strategically. There will be another juggernaut. Unfortunately, you are going to battle him.

Immediately after completing the final objective, jump out of the building, stick to the map’s right side, and sprint to the exfil. There should be no enemies or very few; you will also have your buddy’s help in the chopper gunner. Getting to the objective fast shouldn’t be an issue, and once there, extract and get your three stars.

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