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Modern Warfare II: Shoot house reveal

Modern Warfare release the fan-favourite map Shoot house reveal trailer on the 10th of November, showing us all the brand new additions of the map.

How much different can the map be from the previous Modern Warfare in 2019?

As you can imagine there certainly won’t be any major changes. The reasoning for this is because drastic changes would eliminate the hype behind the map.

As usual, Modern Warfare II players don’t want change, just nostalgia and elements from prior titles.

Call of Duty fans haven’t received a solid game since Modern Warfare 2019, and before that Black Ops 3 (2015). So, it’s about time the devs play it safe and take the best elements from previous games and reintroduce them into the newer title, being Modern Warfare II.

Modern Warfare II: Shoot house trailer – YouTube

Better than ever – Shoot house update

Carnage continues as usual, the new updated version of the map clearly delivers the chaotic experience as we remember, and if you’re new to this map – run and gun, that’s literally all there is to it, it’s a slightly larger version of Modern Warfare’s Rust.

The map has been separated into two key areas: Offices and Main street. These two areas are the most active, with players continuously sniping down Main street and enemies controlling Offices from the overhead windows.

The map contains two opposite spawns and three lanes, making it fairly easy to find and neutralise your enemies within a small period of time. Shoot house offers a fast-pace combat experience, great for camo grinds and ranking up your account fast.

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What’s next for Modern Warfare

Since the drop of all the Season one information we are simply waiting on releases for the new content, most players are sure we are going to receive something unannounced to engage players and get them excited for something new.

Not to forget we are also receiving Shipment, the much loved Modern Warfare classic map. On top of this, maps Breenbergh Hotel and Santa Sena Border Crossing are expected to make an exit from the Modern Warfare map pool due to legal reasons.

With all the Modern Warfare news and information it’s going to be rather hard to consider stepping outside for a while, especially on the 16th of November when Season one drops allowing players to experience new content including Warzone.