Credit: Infinity Ward

Fingers Crossed!

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer ranked levels leaked

As the days get closer to Modern Warfare II’s release, we begin to see more and more leaks, including the leak of the new multiplayer ranked levels. This is a good thing because everyone usually begins worrying before a big title like this releases.

Throughout the last Call of Duty’s we experience many differences in the ranks of each game, and this is because they are experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. Even in Ranked play, they will change how the ranks work just to spice things up.

Thankfully, we have our favorite Modern Warfare leaker, known as @TheGhostOfHope, on Twitter. Who very kindly brings us daily news on the upcoming content we can come to expect within the new Call of Duty, mostly being unofficial.

The rank names

As you know, Call of Duty likes to add a touch of spice to their games, separating their title from the others. So, as expected, their rank names will differ from the average “level 1” vibe leveling system. Hopefully, this will make the player feel more unique.

Here are the rank names:

  • Iridescent
  • Crimson
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

As you can see, the lower rank players will receive the “not so cool” names, and rightfully so. But, the players with the highest ranks will receive cool names, and with that, we can come to expect awesome player emblems to represent the ranks.

Within arms reach – new leaks

With the game’s release being within a short time, we can expect to hear some crazy unofficial news on the title’s content from people like TheGhostOfHope. Which is a good thing because it gives us, the fans, a chance to contend any bad decisions Infinity Ward could make before releasing the game. But what else is there?

Well, there is current speculation on the new mastery camo for all weapons in the new Modern Warfare, which is something we are all indeed looking forward to. Especially if it’s Damascus steel, because who prefers Damascus steel to literally any other camo?

At the end of the day, we are just going to have to keep our eyes glued to leakers’ Twitter accounts, especially for important things like new map content or weapon changes. The beta was a long time ago now, so it’s pretty much open season and anything could have changed.