Credit: Call of Duty

In with the new

Modern Warfare II introduces new ‘Gunsmith 2.0’

In a YouTube video today, Infinity Ward released a video revealing that Modern Warfare II will introduce and new and updated version of Modern Warfares gunsmith.

This will be known as “Gunsmith 2.0” to all the Call of Duty players. What does this mean? What differences will Call of duty bring to the gunsmithing table that improves gun customization?


Never-ending customization

Call of Duty has managed to add even more customization than ever before, and it looks incredible. As you can see from the video below, you can create almost an infinite plethora of weaponry. Players are now able to customize their receivers, which is huge.

This means players can now alter how the weapon functions entirely. By changing the weapon receiver, you are essentially changing the variant of the weapon you use. For example, you will be able to turn your classic M4 into an M16.

On top of this, you won’t lose your progress and attachments every time you change the receiver; your attachments from the previous weapon variant will carry over to your new one. This level of customization has never been in a Modern Warfare gunsmith or even a Call of Duty.

It’s great to see that we continue the brilliant functionality of the gunsmith. It allows us, the players, to feel we are in safe hands. Especially running around with a fully automatic drum mag shotgun with a marksman scope.

The near future of Modern Warfare II

Infinity Ward is doing a great job hyping us all up in anticipation of the release of Modern Warfare II. But what else can we expect when great customization, early campaign access, and extended beta entry have already been revealed?

Well, we think it’s safe to say that the team at Modern Warfare might have something else up their sleeve in anticipation of the betas release. And this could be anything from additional warzone information to revealing a community favorite gun.

Nevertheless, Call of Duty isn’t failing us with disappointments, and everything seems to be up to par with their previous modern warfare titles. Well, we’ll see lots more news following the release of the Modern Warfare beta exclusively to PlayStation on the 16th of September!