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Modern Warfare II Beta review: meta and issues

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II’s Beta has been brilliant, with excellent gunplay and movement. But, of course, with every beta, there are extreme meta and issues within the game.

Although the game has been and will be awesome, picking up on the small things that upset the player base is essential. After all, this is a beta, and the developers will pick up on our recommendations.

Before we get into all the issues and meta, we can all collectively agree this game will be insane. It’s not similar to the 2019 Modern Warfare, and it’s not trying too hard to be unique and new like all the other Call of Duty games that fans hated.

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare II’s issues

Again, it’s a beta, but here are the main issues with gameplay:

  • Gun recoil and movement when firing
  • Time to kill enemies
  • Optimization of games graphics

First, off the list, gun recoil and movement when firing are huge issues within the game because the recoil patterns don’t quite make sense.

When you have an enemy in the iron scope of your M4A4 and decide to fire, the gun jolts around in a rapid and out-of-control circular motion, not allowing you to remotely track your enemy because the gun moves around too much, getting in the way.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Sure, a bit of recoil is okay, but the moment you go to fire, the enemy is out of sight – making every attack a spray and pray situation.

On top of this, the time to kill enemies is ludicrous. Every AR takes five to seven bullets to kill an enemy, depending on where you hit them. Call of Duty is a fast-paced game. Therefore you end up missing a lot of your shots, meaning you need around 300 rounds to get a five-kill streak.

The game’s optimization is terrible. Players with high-end PCs have reported struggling to reach 150fps on high settings at a 16:9 ratio. This limits the PC player base as the majority will not be running 3090s with an i9; therefore, Modern Warfare must crack down on this issue.

Call Of Duty 2

The game’s groundbreaking meta

Now, the meta is pretty bad, but at the same time, that’s what makes it so awesome because everyone has the ability to profit off it. As terrible as that sounds, it’s true.

As you can probably guess, most of the issues lay within the overpowered sub-machine guns, M4A4 variants, and people running around the map with a lightweight at 100mph gunning everyone down.

This is interesting because the meta we are experiencing now is the exact same meta we all experienced in the first era of Warzone when it was released; history has just repeated itself.

Players who are leveling up their M4A4, adding an extended mag, heavy barrel, and no stock are going to dominate, always have, always will. But we can monitor how successful they are by nerfing the effectiveness of the attachments when collaborating.

If this doesn’t get a fix before the full game is released, we can expect to get owned by jobless eighteen-year-olds just like we have done since 2019.

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