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We told you!

Modern Warfare II: All season one information

Modern Warfare II devs Infinity Ward have released all of the season one information one could want, showing us all the brand new content we can come to expect on November 16th, alongside Warzone 2.0. So make sure your schedule is clear because it is time to play some Modern Warfare II.

To many Jaxon readers, this news will not be new, considering we have already mentioned all this content will be released before official sources! But to those who don’t know: we are in for a hell of a treat this Modern Warfare season.

From new rifles, fan favourite maps and footballer operators, all new concepts that will bring excitement back into the game, the Modern Warfare developers clearly know that we all want recycled content from the previous games.

Modern Warfare II: Shoothouse

Updated and upgraded, new maps

Fan favourite maps are making a return to a Modern Warfare title once again, with Shoothouse and Shipment turning up for a retextured return this coming season. Both are close-quarter combat maps, making the camo grind easier once again.

Players will be able to experience the fast-paced combat Shipment offers, with players averaging more than a hundred kills in most games, meaning players are going to be able to progress a lot faster than originally before Season One’s release.

The maps will not be re-entering the scene as we remember; they are both having a complete update. This will change the appearance of the map, but there will be no major changes to their design, meaning the map layout will be the same.

Modern Warfare II: M13B

New weaponry to enter Modern Warfare

As we have previously mentioned, the Honey Badger, MXC, and MCX will make an entrance into Modern Warfare II this season, going under the names of “CHIMERA” aka the Honey Badger, and the “M13B” also known as the SIG MCX to most.

On top of the new assault rifles, we will also be joined by two new weapons, a sniper rifle and a submachine gun. The sniper rifle is the VICTUS XMR, and the SMG is known as the BA5-P also commonly more known by the alias SIG MXC.

This season we have four new excellent weapons coming to join us on the battlefield, but allow us to warn you – a battle pass is necessary to unlock both the sniper rifle and new SMG, otherwise, you will not gain access to these weapons at all.

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Infinity Ward

Warzone content

Besides the weapons and maps, we can expect several new vehicles to join us in-game, being a new heavy helicopter (most likely where people will camp above the map), and a Hummer EV truck, allowing you to travel and kill your enemy in more style.

Secondly, we have a new Gulag, a place where most will experience the majority of their frustration. Little insight has been provided about the new Gulag layout, but we know one thing: Stay alive and prevail over your enemy.

Finally, we have the ability to experience Warzone in the third-person, bringing an entirely new dynamic to Call of Duty’s battle-royal experience. On top of this, we are able to fight underwater just like the good ol’ days of Black Ops 3.