Valorant VCT EU 3

The professional Valorant scene is still very young, but we already have some standout performers.

The EU region is quite competitive but NA has developed some obvious tiers. Teams like XSET, Sentinels, and 100T are miles ahead of the TSMs and Gen.Gs of the world.

While we wait to see which teams will represent each region in Masters 3, the organizations missing the cut may find that their Valorant teams aren’t worth the price.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

MitchMan, one of the primary Valorant broadcasters, highlighted this issue in a Twitter thread.

He began by calling out the lack of third-party tournaments in the Valorant scene.

“For some high tier organisations, and plenty more within the next few weeks, having 0 chance at participating in Berlin means 0 Chance of LCQ/Champions,” he wrote.

“In other words no events until AT LEAST January”

@MitchMan on Twitter

As Mitch articulated, lower-tier or middling orgs will have to maintain the cost of a Valorant team without the exposure or tournament winnings.

Koldamenta from G2 suggested one solution: “Make open quals with 2 atleast spots for the last chance qualifier.”

This would elongate the season for a few teams in each region, but won’t be enough to keep the scene alive for orgs who constantly fall in the middle of the pack.

The Valorant scene is still young, so we can hope that third-party events are on the horizon.

If not, then I fear teams will leave pro Valorant, as Mitch suggested.

The same thing happened in Fortnite, as orgs divested in the scene as official and unofficial events waned.

Hopefully, we see some third-party tournament organizers step up as the VCT continues to prove that viewership is there.

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