I know, I know. There have been a lot of games again, and you can’t keep up. You don’t have three screens, and even if you did, you only have two eyes.

Don’t worry, I gotchu.

The big games

NiP cemented an excellent start to IEM Fall with a 16-8 victory over FaZe. A very solid team performance saw them take the lead early and convert it with little worries, and realistically, FaZe were barely in the game.

device on LAN is a different beast.

G2 are back to being …good? They doubled BIG’s 8 rounds to win convincingly and give themselves a 2-0 start with just nine rounds dropped. OG also picked up a 2-0 start, but they dropped a lot more rounds – largely as they went to 53 rounds before closing it out vs ENCE. The Israelis topped the charts for each team, but flameZ’ 48 was enough to push OG over the line.

Over in the CIS region, Gambit dropped a map against VP in second OT, but then won against forZe in OT after dragging themselves there from 15-7 down. NaVi needed 30 rounds to inch past Entropiq, who went on to beat Spirit 16-11.

FPX took a win off of mousesports, pretty surprisingly, with STYKO biting his old team on the behind with a masterful display.

Everything else you missed

fnatic now sit at 0-2 after dropping Nuke to DBL Poney, which, while I feel I have to call an upset, really wasn’t that surprising. DBL Poney are legit. They beat SKADE late last night and now appear to be on track for the playoffs.

Vitality were forced to sweat by Sprout, needing 30 rounds and an outrageous 1v3 with ace from ZywOo to overcome the Germans. But like, it’s ZywOo, that’s kinda what he does.

Sinners shocked another top team, with a huge win over Heroic coming late in the day. Perhaps we should have expected a team with a player called SHOCK to be a bit scary to the big teams.

Astralis managed to muscle past Movistar in an enthralling watch, while Complexity breezed past Endpoint 16-7

Dignitas took down MAD Lions with HEAP and Lekr0 topping the charts. I wanted to see f0rest at the top, but just seeing him win is good enough.

SKADE beat Fiend in a Bulgarian derby and Copenhagen Flames inched a close one vs AURA.

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