You know the drill. Games happened, I’ll tell you what happened in them if you missed anything.

The Danish derby goes the way of Astralis

It’s a shame it was just one map, but what a great map it was. dupreeh rolled back the… well, months I suppose and put on a clinic to drag Astralis to a 30th round win. Lucky almost pulled off a 1v5 after sjuush tried to knife him, in what would have been one of the clips of the year had he pulled it off.

Halfway through the groups

Copenhagen Flames are top of Group A after beating second place G2 in overtime, as if to add more questions to the overflowing pile we all have over G2. G2 are still in second place, but now are on level points with mousesports, who took out AURA to leave them on 0 wins. BIG got their first win over FPX, with both now looking quite unlikely to make playoffs.

Sinners continued their rampage through Group B as they eliminated Endpoint from Major contention, due to the player swap that occurred because of VISA issues. Complexity also continued their form by being woefully inconsistent, dropping their game to Movistar Riders.

I’m just happy to see Movistar win after some strong performances but little to show for it.

Vitality impressed once more, burying OG under Mirage to go 3-0, leaving OG 2-1. mantuu put up a strong fight, but he was left stranded at the top as Vitality cut through his team. Dignitas picked up another win, this time over Sprout, as f0rest makes a charge towards another Major. Look out, kids, Daddy’s coming home.

MAD Lions’ experience at IEM Fall has been miserable, and are now 0-3 after getting bodied by ENCE.

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NiP move to the top of Group D, but they were made to sweat against SKADE. The Swedes found themselves 11-4 down, and then lost the pistol, but dragged themselves back into it on the CT side of Overpass.

The other Swedes didn’t have as much luck, losing to the other team in Bulgaria. fnatic are now rock bottom of the group after Fiend took them down 16-12. In the final game of the day, FaZe were made to sweat but inched past DBL Poney to give the Frenchmen their first loss of the group stage.

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