Once more, if you’ve missed any of the games today and want a quick catch-up, I’m your guy. Let’s get into it.

NiP pour salt on fnatic’s wounds

As if it wasn’t bad enough that fnatic missed out on the Major in their home country, they also got routed by a rampant NiP on Nuke. device started as he meant to go on, putting bullets into all five fnatic players and getting NiP off to the dream start in the Swedish derby.

Although, this ‘Swedish derby’ is more like the Turin derby in football, where one team is one of the most legendary teams in football, and the other is Torino. fnatic are a legendary org, but this version of fnatic is not.

The other big games

Astralis won a 30-rounder against Complexity, who appear to have found some sort of form that they had been missing. Put it this way – a 16-14 loss is the same result as they managed against Movistar Riders, and one round better than they got against Sinners.

coldzera looked good at least, so there’s that.

Vitality took their first L, to ENCE, who have become a real scary team since the addition of hades. 

Snappi continued his resurgence as he led from the front to top frag the game. Not really sure how that’s happened, but Snappi is legit.

Oh, mousesports. While Copenhagen Flames have been extremely good, they must have seen this one as a chance to get their IEM Fall campaign back on track – but a comfortable loss to the Danes has done the exact opposite. For CPH Flames, though, it’s another win that leaves them 4-0 at the top of Group A.

Crazy performance from them – and I can’t wait to see it if it keeps up.

Every other game

BIG survived a scare as they beat AURA in round 30 on Mirage, and have tabseN to thank for his excellent performance on the CT side to drag them over the line, even if it was gade and k1to to pick up the slack when things fell apart. The Germans were 11-4 up at the half and coasting, but needed round 30 to beat AURA, who prop up the rest of the group at 0-4.

G2 cemented their place in second with a six round win over FPX, which doesn’t really tell us anything about either team. I don’t know if either of them are good any more, but I do know that maden is. Poor guy picked up 27 kills and over 125 ADR in a 16-10 loss.

Movistar took down Sinners in 30 rounds, blowing group B wide open and giving the Spaniards a shot at making it to the playoffs. They won’t be joined by Endpoint, though, who are yet to win after a 16-12 loss to Heroic.

OG picked up an expected 16-10 win over Dignitas to move three points above them, while MAD Lions picked up a four round win over Sprout to stick the Germans to the bottom of group C.

FaZe squeezed past SKADE in a 16-13 win, despite a poor performance from star player Twistzz. That… seems like a good thing for FaZe? rain stepped up to the plate to get the international team over the line.

The other Bulgarian team in the group, Fiend, picked up an extremely impressive 16-5 victory over DBL Poney. That leaves both teams on 6 points, just behind FaZe.