I’m going to keep it 100 with you guys.

Nobody knows exactly who is through to the Major and not, except Milan Švejda of HLTV – so if you want to know if your team is or isn’t in for certain, check out his Twitter.

What I can tell you is who is in the playoffs, and how they got there.

G2 pull off something special

G2 DID officially qualify for the Major, and they did so in style.

A scrappy game was punctuated with some genius from the G2 individuals who muscled their way past mouz and through to the playoffs and the Major.

Movistar make a miracle run

After a horrible start, Movistar picked up three wins over Complexity, Sinners and Endpoint and secured themselves a tiebreaker, where they got the better of both Heroic and Sinners to steal second place.

That means that with a good playoffs performance, the Spaniards can somehow beat the odds and make it to Stockholm, and it’s hard not to root for them. 

For Heroic, it’s a disappointment, but doesn’t affect their chances of making it to the Major, but for Sinners, they are for sure out, according to Striker.

OG choke but can still survive

As linked above, OG can still qualify for the Major but a horror-show performance saw Woro2k rip them to shreds in a 16-9 win.

ENCE took down Sprout to make the Germans go 0-5 and plant themselves at the top of the group, with Vitality having to make do with second despite ZywOo doing… this, to Dignitas.

Fiend pip FaZe to 2nd

FaZe are out of the playoffs after getting routed by Fiend early in the day, 16-6, with the Bulgarians now sliding through into playoffs and potentially the Major, if they perform in the playoffs. 

FaZe can still qualify if they finish 9th or 10th, I think, but now things become very tight for them in the best of threes.

For Fiend, this represents a fantastic opportunity for an emerging nation to make it to the biggest stage.

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