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Mira: “I don’t think it’ll [Truesight] be out soon”

Mira talks about Team Spirit's exit in the losers match at the ESL One Stockholm Major 2022.


How does it feel coming into an event with expectations (as compared to TI10 where Team Spirit were underdogs)?


This time people thought we were going to win everything, and of course we feel really bad for the way we played.

I can say that we didn’t expect to play this tournament at all, we didn’t prepare well, our mindset is bad right now, etc. but one direct reason why we lose is that we just played super bad .. It's not nerves. 

We are not in our best shape individually, so it’s all coming together and playing bad. We know that and we don’t try to hide it and accept that we didn’t play our best.

We are going to try to understand the meta better and become stronger.


Which region/teams took you by surprise in particular or was it you guys losing to yourselves?


This time we lose to ourselves in the lower bracket.

There are some surprises like Thunder Awaken. They are really good even after we won 2:0 in the group stage.

They play really fast and really well, and I believe that they are going to reach top 3 in this tournament.

Their gameplay is like the old OG – every laner just runs out of map, carries farm a lot, and that actually works.

That makes them [Thunder Awaken] fun to watch and of course other teams like Tundra and others are just stronger now.

We knew that when we lost the tiebreaker and we went like, “aahh we are going to play against Tundra”.


Truesight should hopefully be coming out soon. What are you looking forward to seeing in it?


It’s going to be very fun because we are super chilled, especially during the finals with a lot of jokes.

But I don’t think it’ll [Truesight] be out soon because they [Valve] didn’t shoot everything yet.

We are going to finish it soon so I think Truesight should be out before the next TI.

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