After battling stage-four cancer, Minecraft creator, Technoblade, has tragically passed away.

His family has released a final statement on Technoblade’s YouTube channel, where his father read the last words of a creator to his community – over 11 million strong.

Accompanied with the video was a message from Technoblade’s mother. Among other things, she told his fans, “My son’s bravery on this path was a shining lesson to all of us who were privileged to walk it with him.”

The 23-year-old revealed that his true name was Alex in his final message to his fans. He had been on YouTube for nearly a decade, amassing a massive fanbase in the process.

In August of 2021, Technoblade announced that he had been diagnosed with sarcoma – a form of bone cancer. He updated fans throughout his treatment – eventually hosting a cancer fundraiser entitled, “Minecrafters vs Cancer.”

Online reaction to Technoblade’s death

The Minecraft community, and the wider gaming community, have taken to social media to show their support of Technoblade and mourn his untimely death.

At the time of writing, #Technobladeneverdies is trending – filled with fan art and sentimental messages to the creator.

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