Credit: MIBR

MIBR continues to amaze at the BLAST Premier Spring groups, with the Brazilians taking down Complexity in the opening round of the Knockout stage. MIBR won in two maps.

With Complexity and MIBR, we saw two young, inexperienced rosters facing off against each other. MIBR, still playing with Breno “brnz4n” Poletto as a stand-in, had a strong start on Nuke. They ran away on the CT-side with an 8-1 lead, a discrepancy Complexity didn’t manage to erase.

The American roster stabilized and closed the gap but never really threatened MIBR. A 16-13 loss on their map pick was a worrying sign for Complexity.

Ancient was a closer affair, but a win on both pistol rounds sealed the deal for MIBR. They closed out the map 16-14.

Facing the Beehive next

In the second round of the Knockout stage, MIBR will face off against Vitality. But the Brazilians have already locked in a spot in the Last Chance Stage on Sunday, putting the cream on the cake of an already successful tournament.

Taking down the reigning BLAST World Finals champions Na’Vi in the previous stage, followed by a victory over Complexity today, is a surprising result for a lineup that’s playing without their star player.

Complexity is knocked down to the Spring showdown, where they will face the best non-partnered teams for the last two spots in the Spring Finals.

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