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Forget Yuumi...

Maybe it’s time we just remove Zeri.

Zeri is really fun.

To play, and to watch, Zeri is so much fun. It’s like playing Ezreal except you’re on ice skates and have a Lux ult on your W.

…I’ve kinda removed any level of tension this article might have had.

If we can’t remove Yuumi, at least remove Zeri

The problem comes with when you have to play against her. She’s slippery to the point that it makes Pyke look like a statue, has consistent damage as well as crazy poke and can traverse the map incredibly quickly.

That, obviously, doesn’t make her broken. But it is frustrating.

I say that it doesn’t make her broken, but it’s actually hard to make the case that this is true. She has been buffed and nerfed so many times it’s a mystery the game’s code hasn’t twisted and morphed into a functioning game just yet.

If this design can be balanced, Riot don’t seem like they can do it. They’re trying, trying so damn hard.

But if anything she’s getting worse.

She’s either barely playable or completely unplayable against. The whole game is warped around which team gets Zeri, one way or the other.

I know Riot wouldn’t remove Yuumi, and they came up with some bulls**t excuse for her actually being skilful. Whatever, you do you.

Just spat at my PC.

Don’t pretend you’re doing it for any reason other than making people who can’t play the game, support players, happy.

But surely Zeri is an exception. Yuumi is frustrating, a mistake, an abomination – but can be balanced, for the most part.

Zeri cannot be balanced. She’s frustrating to play against, despite the fact that she’s fun to watch, unbalanceable and multiple different builds have all been broken.

The kit is a mess. The only fixes are to remove Zeri, or remove so much of what makes her broken that it’ll be essentially the same thing.

Remove Zeri.

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