"You are Maya Higa"

Maya Higa gives “final statement” on SA coverup allegations

The Twitch drama finally seems to be settling down, with one of the last significant parties giving their statement: Maya Higa.

Maya has been heavily implicated in the reported scheme to cover up AdrianahLee’s sexual assault by former OTK member, CrazySlick.

During “the call,” that was leaked and analyzed by Destiny, many of the members pointed to Maya Higa as one of the primary “gaslighters” downplaying Adrianah’s story.

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Maya Hig’s final statement

Maya gave a brief on-stream statement of events before the infamous call was leaked, but has now responded via Twitlonger to the additional details that have been provided.

Most of the statement remains in line with what she said on her stream, and Maya flatly denied that she went there with the intention to downplay AdrianahLee’s story.

Maya Higa final statement

Although Maya plans to take time off of streaming – for obvious reasons – she appears to be planning a comeback in the future.

As for Mizkif, we have no idea what’s in store for him. Some have speculated that his streaming career may be over, but he has yet to make an on-screen statement in the new details.

Mizkif will be the last person we need to hear from. Apart from that, this situation seems relatively resolved.