Malphite will be a sleeper pick to counter the meta at Worlds

Pro players, idiots: “Tryndamere is OP! Jayce, Gnar, Wukong, Kennen, Fiora are so strong!”

Me, an enlightened rock enjoyer: “Rock solid!”

Too many scissors, not enough rock

So many of the current meta picks get absolutely demolished by Malphite, and yet nobody seems bothered about that. There are blind-pick Gnars and Jayces all over the place, Tryndamere is the talk of the town. Hell, all of the cool new junglers are AD picks – you think Zed and Talon jungle want to play against Malphite?

Alright, you might have to last pick it to avoid Sylas, or supposedly Tahm Kench which is apparently a bad match-up, but Malphite can be last picked in mid into the oh-so-common AD mid picks, or top into nearly every meta pick.

Hell, Armut’s entire champ pool is countered by Malphite. Go on Armut, pull out the Vladimir top, I dare ya.

Tryndamere literally cannot lane into tank Malphite. Malphite’s E completely cucks his damage, and the speed from Q and the CC in his whole kit allows him to get away or lock Trynd down during the ultimate.

I don’t need to tell you how good Malphite’s teamfighting is, or can be, but Malphite has some extremely strong lane match-ups right now too. There’s a lot of triple AD team-comps, and MF appears to be the talk of the town in ADC. Yeah, an immobile carry.


Lord Dominik’s Regards is really strong right now, and that does make full armour Malphite look a bit worse, but nobody is cutting through 400 armour when they’re knocked up in the air and their attack speed is cut in half.

I don’t know if it’s going to get picked – Fudge might pull it out, he loves the champ – but it should do. If I see one more blind-pick Jayce or Gnar with Malphite up and not picked last I won’t be happy.

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