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The game dynamics have changed to a certain extent with the latest patch notes in the 7.30c gameplay update.

We have highlighted the important updates for your convenience with the relevant item and hero changes.


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Valora has been added to Captains Mode. The newest entrant in Dota 2 has been the epitome of discussion ever since it wasn’t included in the Captain’s Mode with 7.30 release. 

However, Valve has surprised us with her inclusion and it’ll be exciting to see teams pick her up and bring about new meta trends.

Just for your information, Valora has been making strides in the off-lane (3) and support role (4).

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It’s a bittersweet change to Batrider as his base vision has been significantly increased although at the price of enduring a significant change in his “Sticky Napalm” ability.

Fae Grenade no longer stacks with the ability and deals no damage.

So long my friend, you’ll be remembered.


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The bone fletcher has also not been spared as it comfortably made its way into the “naughty list” and got the nerf hammer.

Right from reduction in agility gain and attack range, to a significant change in its abilities with cooldown being increased to bonus health being decreased, it’ll be worthwhile to see if Clinkz makes an appearance in either of the roles; safelane or mid.


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The cute stone golem is on track to become a popular hero choice amongst teams once again, not that it already wasn’t. With base strength being considerably increased, it’ll be difficult to kill the damn stone early in the game.

Stacking camps nerfed

  • Stacked Neutral Creeps gold and XP bounty reduced by 15% (Stacker gold bonus unaffected)

We can expect to see a considerable shift in the current set of meta heroes like Sven, Medusa, Templar Assassin, Gyrocopter and Luna, dwindling down a bit due to the above change.

These heroes thrived on farming stacked camps due to their flash farming abilities that gave them an added advantage in experience and gold lead. It also helped them ramp up their item progression even if they were lagging behind or had a rough start in the laning phase.

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