Oh Magnus

More chess drama: Magnus Carlsen resigns in new game against Niemann

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen has once again hinted at Hans Niemann cheating against him.

GM Magnus Carlsen recently withdrew from the 2022 Sinquefield Cup after losing to GM Hans Niemann, causing the chess world to go crazy.

Today he has followed up on such a massive feat. He played again against Hans at the Julius Baer Generation Cup, but retired from the game after playing just one move.

This of course added fuel to the fire, as the world champion has not responded to the ominous tweet he put out after withdrawing from the previous tournament. The accusation quickly followed, with prominent stream and chess figure GM Hikaru Nakamura leading the charge against Niemann.

Hans replied, fighting for his innocence, willing to go as far as to play naked live on stage. But banned him, later tweeting at Hans that they have sent him evidence so that he could contest the ban.

With Magnus’s silence, the rumors around Hans Niemann have escalated quickly. Many theories on how the Grand Master could have cheated are getting out of hand. The most popular theory that started as a joke but has gained popularity, is that there were anal beads planted inside Hans. Magnus will have to come out with a statement soon, otherwise the mob will not be pleased.

It is important to remember that these are all allegations. Magnus is playing with fire, as he surely knows that his actions enact reactions. Innocent until proven guilty, but it is becoming increasingly hard for Niemann to live by that. What will Magnus do next?